We specialize in wood fences. Repairs or Whole new fences–Cedar and Spruce. Spruce lasts about 10-12 years; whereas Cedar can last 17-20 years; especially if stained every few years.

Options- Simple single pickets or fancy Board on Board for privacy. 6′ or 8′ tall. We recommend steel posts as our ground is always shifting. Typically fences will require maintenance ; especially your gates, due to our shifting soils.

We do staining; especially as part of the Insurance Claim. WE recommend Oil based paints- like Ready Seal or Plano’s own Baker’s Gray Away. Not only does staining look Great, it will protect your fence from the normal wear and therefore extends the life of your fence by 25-50% . Usually the process involves Power Washing first, then Staining.

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After hail storm you have spots on your fence. This is one of the tell tell signs that everyone can see from the ground to confirm you had hail. We use this information like a Super Sleuth when checking your house for hail damage. We can even tell the size of the hits and amount of total hits. It also tells us which direction it came from. The hail hits on fences really help us evaluate your claim.

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